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Mississippi Department of Education k-12

MDE K-12 Information for Families

The MDE website has wonderful tools to help, but may be difficult to navigate when searching for particular information. Here are some links that may be useful. If you need further support in finding certain information please reach out to us at

Advocate Bookshelf

Books within this link can assist with navigating special education law, advocating, and educational supports.

Cerebral Palsy Guide for Special Education

Within this link you can find information that will assist in navigating for supports. "Educational services and support for children with cerebral palsy (CP) must begin as early as toddlerhood to allow for the proper development of important life skills." 

Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS)

Mississippi CCRS provides the state curriculum standards for all grades k-12. This may be able to help in understanding the expectation of the state standards.

North Mississippi Regional Center 

The North Mississippi Regional Center in Oxford provides comprehensive services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Center is licensed by the Mississippi Department of Health as an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (ICF/IID) and is certified for Medicaid participation. 

Mississippi Department of Education Office of Special Education Procedures for State Board Policy

MDEK12- Procedures for State Board Policy 74.19- Child Find Evaluation and Eligibility.pdf
MDEK12- Procedures for State Board Policy 74.19- FAPE IEP LRE ESY.pdf
MDEK12- Procedures for State Board Policy 74.19- Discipline.pdf
MDEK12- Procedures for State Board Policy 74.19- Procedural Safeguards.pdf
MDEK12- Procedures for State Board Policy 74.19- Secondary Transition.pdf
Resources within Reason- Supporting Advocay for Children

A Family Guide To Special Education Services

mde_vol2_familyspedguide_deaf-blind_021522_updated_0 (1).pdf
mde_vol11_familyspedguide_specific_disabilities_022122_updated (2).pdf
14.web.family_sped_guide_significant_cognitive_disability (1).pdf